How Powerful Women Avoid Burnout & Prioritize Their Personal Lives

(Without Stepping Back, Changing Careers, or Losing Income!)

This Masterclass Reveals How To
  • A step-by-step game plan successful women use to navigate their careers with flexibility and freedom, instead of being trapped by their success...

  • Why most high-achieving women feel trapped by a hefty trade-off and the secret to working less without stepping back, changing jobs, or walking away...

  • How to stop stressing about work and constantly proving your worth so you can put an end to the mental exhaustion and be calm and fun-loving instead...

  • Why ambitious women work harder than necessary and how to break free from these ineffective habits without hurting your reputation...

  • How to stop putting work in front of family and friends, despite insane deadlines, and truly prioritize the ones you love...

  • AND how to do all of this so that you build an influential reputation, while working less, playing more, and finally live the good life that you've worked so hard for!

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Kate Byars

Kate is the Founder of The Goodlife Institute and creator of the Corporate Women Unleashed program that teaches women leaders how to avoid burnout and prevent the sacrifice prevalent in stressful, demanding careers so they can enjoy a significant career while also prioritizing their health, self, and families.

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